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Add volume,1,2 smooth fine lines3,4 and restore facial balance1

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Our skin’s natural elasticity decreases6 over time, and as it does, you may start to notice a few volume changes across your face.7,8 Whether you’re looking to achieve a more youthful appearance or simply enhance the things that make you, you, the JUVÉDERM® range of fillers can delicately plump your lips,2,3,9,18 add volume to your cheeks,1,2 contour your chin and jawline*5,10 and smooth fine lines3,4

*Clinical study assessed lower face as chin and jaw area.10

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JUVÉDERM® facial fillers for enhancing features

*Clinical study assessed lower face as chin and jaw area.11

Your questions, answered

Your practitioner will take the time to understand what you’re looking for and create a unique treatment plan based on your beauty goals.21 They’ll assess your face while it’s both moving and static to develop your treatment plan.21 And to create facial harmony with a beautifully balanced look, they may recommend a holistic approach that targets more than one area of your face8,21,22

JUVÉDERM® facial fillers will be carefully injected into and around the areas you’re looking to restore. With the possibility of minimal downtime, you can soon get back to doing the things you love.23

JUVÉDERM® facial fillers are considered non-permanent as they are broken down by the body over time.12,19 They can last anywhere between 9 and 24 months depending on your treatment and product chosen.15,16

JUVÉDERM® facial fillers are injectable gels that bind to water in your skin12 to restore1,5 or add volume to the face.1,2 JUVÉDERM® facial fillers can provide support where skin has weakened with time,24-26 keeping you looking youthful for longer.

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